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The Advantages of Going Green


There is a huge demand for buildings in Canada to become more environmentally friendly in order to reduce  their carbon footprint. It is currently estimated that the commercial building sector accounts for more than half of the total annual greenhouse emissions across the nation. These emissions are due to the huge amounts of energy necessary for lighting, heating, and cooling these buildings. Not only is it possible to improve on these dangerous levels of greenhouse emissions, it is vital that all businesses do their part to minimize their impact on the environment and develop sustainability programs.


Building owners and real estate managers are often interested in making their buildings more environmentally friendly, but it can be difficult knowing where to start. Besides measuring the major quantitative statistics in terms of energy used and waste produced, it is extremely beneficial to be able to benchmark and compare normalized results to other peers. This provides a reasonable guideline of what can be done and what results to expect when sustainability programs are put in place for building operation.


Transforming existing buildings into green, efficient buildings has many advantages for building owners and real estate managers. In addition to being eco-friendly, these buildings typically experience:

  • Increased levels of occupancy
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased occupant satisfaction

The Need for Green


The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is known across Canada for being the foremost organization leading the green building movement. Members of the organization are prominently involved in the design, construction and operation of buildings, homes and communities. Members includes companies and individuals from different facets of the industry, dedicated to supporting and effecting change in the built environment.


In 2014 the CaGBC partnered with McGraw Hill Construction to conduct a detailed green building industry market study. Key findings indicate that the industry is poised for growth. All builders, manufacturers, owners, engineers, and architects touching the green building industry need to be aware of this. There's a huge demand for talent and materials and the CaGBC is committed to working with stakeholders, policy makers, and members to compile research reports, identify industry trends and become the voice of advocacy for the industry.


Connect with the Industry


The best way to ensure you have the most up-to-date and relevant green building industry is to become a member of the CaGBC. With a massive network of industry professionals and the sole Canadian license for LEED you will be able to take advantage of many member only benefits, including member-rates on LEED project registration and certification..


The CaGBC offers three levels of membership:


National Green Building Specialist members are companies that benefit from access to critical LEED information and discounts for their projects. Access to CaGBC education discounts help their employees maintain their LEED accreditations.


National Green Building Advocate members are companies who want to demonstrate their corporate responsibility to the environment by supporting green building. These member companies benefit from marketing resources and access to education, to better communicate with the industry.


Chapter members are individual members who want to be involved in green building on a local level. Chapter members benefit from access to local green building education, events, and developing their professional green building network. Chapter membership for employees of National members is free.


*Emerging Green Professionals (EGPs) are full time students, recent graduates or professionals under the age of 30, who are the future of green building. EGPs leverage this affordable Chapter membership to grow their professional network, and benefit from volunteer opportunities and discounts on education.


Great news for employees of Advocate or Specialist member companies – everyone gets a free Chapter membership! There isn’t an easier or more effective way to connect with and learn from this important industry. The CaGBC’s network is the largest group of individuals and companies who are committed to green building. If you are passionate about the environment and the work that you do, find out what the CaGBC can do for you.


Contact the CaGBC today and find out where to start.

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